Supreme International Education holds your hands from the beginning until the end, safeguarding your investment and time like no one else does.

We are inviting franchise proposals for the schools of tomorrow because building schools make an excellent future.

Supreme International Education is laying the foundation and our venture was started to pave the way for a revolution in the education system.

We are introducing future SIE schools to fundamentally re-define what a school should be like. With 15 + years of extensive research, we are able to establish the concept of SIE Kindergarten to Grade 12 that guides a child towards a better life through better schooling.

SIE has secured remarkable results year after year, specifically in terms of brand value, admissions and economics.

We have opened the doors for entrepreneurs, land/building owners and investors who have an eye for opportunities in an ever expanding sector that has been providing stable financial flow over many decades.

At SIE, we work with our franchisor clients to determine which formats are most suitable for growth.  For individuals pursuing a franchise opportunity, SIE will guide you through the different options available to find a franchise opportunity that suits your personal goals, requirements and finance.

Are you interested in becoming SIE’s Franchise-Partner?

Please find following information about our different Franchise Arrangements.