A key part of our strategy to expand Supreme International Education is to share it. We are in the process of creating defined parameters around our partnership opportunities. Whatever your interest, we position each partner, according to the area expertise that they bring to the table. The Academic community of Supreme International Education is highly regarded for expertise and shared collaboration.

Institutions are partnered worldwide on initiatives of research excellence, student exchange, teacher’s exchange, scholarship administration and education consulting.

As a Franchisee, your company will become an Ambassador of our ambitious business model, by being entitled to operate under the prestigious name of SIE and to use our trademark, know-how, and marketing. 

Being our Franchise-Partner in Education, your company will gain:

  • access to comprehensive, fast and flexible partnering benefits (link to be set) from SIE network.
  • positive exposure with students, teachers, parents and the community.
  • a well-prepared workforce that bolsters economic development.
  • the opportunity for your employees to develop leadership skills.
  • the personal satisfaction of helping students prepares for better futures.

We are committed to creating powerful partnerships with those who work toward sustainable, scalable, and system-wide change. Currently, we have a variety of partnership opportunities for like-minded organizations and businesses such as,


When you decide to become a Franchisee, it is important to choose which type of franchise is best suited for your individual needs. It is very important to choose the right plan for you and this means having a clear understanding of franchise arrangements.

Factors which can affect an individual’s decision on which type of arrangement to choose:

a) available investment b) managerial ability c) ambition

For example, if a candidate has funds to invest, excellent managerial skills and high ambition, not wishing to be confined within a school, then a single unit franchise would probably seem limited and they would be more suited to a Regional or Master Franchise.

On the other hand, if a prospect is wishing to open their own business but has limited capital, then a Single Unit Franchise would be a good choice to start with.

Detailed below are the various types of Franchise Arrangements available with SIE, and a clear definition of each.


Under the single-unit model, or the direct franchise model, the Franchisee makes an investment in one unit, and this is the full extent of the initial agreement. The Franchisee typically has a particular territory that is covered by the unit. Usually, the franchisor assigns a number of miles to be covered by each unit in operation.

If the Franchisee is successful, they may be offered the opportunity to invest in additional units at a later stage.  Each of these additional units is typically governed by individual agreements – that is, a Franchisee can operate with many “single unit” agreements.


In regional franchise, the Franchisee has the right to open more than one unit during a specific time, within a specified area. For example, a Franchisee may agree to open 5 units over a five year period in a specified territory. The franchisor grants the Franchisee exclusive rights for the development of that territory.

The Regional Franchise,

  • has the rights to market and award franchises within a defined region
  • acts like franchisor within that region


The Master Franchising Model is a structure in which the Franchisee has contracted with a person or entity to provide services to Single Unit Franchisees in a specified territory (typically a major market or even one or more states). The Master Franchisee typically pays the franchise company a significant initial fee for the rights to develop the territory and then retains most or all the initial fees and royalty fees paid over time by the individual Franchisees in the territory.

That Master Franchise is usually responsible for recruiting the individual Franchisees and providing all training and support they need, both initially and on an ongoing basis.

Franchise companies often select the master approach in the belief it will result in more rapid system growth with less initial capital risk for the company.

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