IMPULS – foerdert Bildung e.V.  appointed Supreme International Education as an ‘Administer partner’ to execute targeted funds in a number of ways.

  • We subsidize the school fees of students who cannot afford them.
  • We sponsor and train teachers at our partner schools.
  • In some cases, the financial support is also provided to improve the existing infrastructure and facilities at partner schools, with the aim of improving the quality of education.

We partnered with IMPULS – foerdert Bildung e.V. aiming  to provide a second chance for all children and young people who have been excluded from school. We  believe that education is a basic human right so the joint mission is to focus each child and young person to know that they are unique, gifted and able to achieve both now and in the future.

We work with IMPULS – foerdert Bildung e.V.  for one simple reason: this model makes sense. We’ve seen it change lives, time and again.

Our support to the below initiatives exemplifies our commitment.


Project 1:

Supreme International Education takes the privilege to be identified as a quality educator and supporter of greater values. Due to the immersion into the Asia Pacific market, India has become a great source of educational needs. SIE supports different kinds of projects who have the power to change education into a state of the art education.

Supreme International Education’s Train the Teachers (SIETTT) program was designed and delivered by the group of practicing teachers from Chennai Corporation and the modules were tailored towards the local teaching needs. The aim of TTT was to make schools enabling environments for all students by empowering educators to become energetic, effective, reflective practitioners and life-long learners.

The first batch of external teachers was trained and qualified. The teachers are now equipped to take back sharpened teaching skills to their respective schools, with the confidence of adapting the same in their classroom.

Special thanks to Ms. Melanie Rolf, Principal of German International School Chennai for being a wonderful host and joining hands with us for this amazing workshop of training the Corporation school teachers.

One of the great sources in India is the German International School Chennai. The comparable small institute has a lot to offer for children in their special way of teaching.


Project 2:

“Intercultural Youth Orchestra and The Convergence Project”, SIE supports further popularization of music, opera, dance and other performing arts. We have been working hard to promote international exchanges, the further vitalization of creative developments to enhance the artistic culture of the next generation.

SIE partners with several schools and institutions across the globe and continue to make the best effort possible to make further contributions to the advancement of musical art education among children and youth.

For more information about our partnership projects with German International School Chennai, click here.


Project 3:

SIE in association with Korean community of Chennai is organizing ‘Chennai biggest western classical music competition for children’.

The mission of EDU+COM is to support musical excellence by identifying, encouraging, and promoting young musicians cross the Asia pacific region. The competition is open for the classical musical artists from age 6 up to and including age 15 of all nationalities. The event is subject to happen at the mid of 2016.